Urgum the Axeman – Kjartan Poskitt

With this book, you’ll laugh your head off. Urgum the Axeman is the fiercest barbarian the Lost Desert has ever known. But one fateful day Urgum returns home to find that not only has his wife redecorated his cave and installed a bathroom, but she’s also produced a ten-year-old daughter. And, as Urgum will find out, Little Molly is a barbarian babe with attitude…


10 thoughts on “Urgum the Axeman – Kjartan Poskitt

  1. Funny
    Great read
    Amazingly funny
    One of the best books I have every read
    Hard to get into
    Bad ending
    Hard to understand!
    Good descriptions

  2. I think Urgum the Axe Man would probably be best aimed at younger children because of the humour and imagination in it.
    I enjoyed the humour and I liked it how the author was descriptive in his writing like when he is describing the guard at the gate.
    I also liked how he kept switching from the gods’ world to Urgum’s world.
    I think the pictures and the bold text on some of the pages were really imaginative and were a really good idea. However, I think there are too many characters to keep track of like all the brothers. I also feel that the story line is a bit muddled and did not really flow as well as it could have. I did not really enjoy this book as much as I thought I would from first impressions because I thought it was slightly muddled and random in places.

  3. This book wouldn’t normally be a book I would choose of the shelf and to be honest I was dreading reading it. But actually it surprised me! Although it wasn’t my friend’s cup of tea, I thought it was quite good. Although it was slightly immature for my age it was a break from the sometimes hard to grasp books I normally read.
    Although as I said earlier it was a bit young for most year7’s and 8’s, I think that this book was a jewel in rocks for the younger part of the generation.
    The pictures in the book really helped your imagination soar and were really quite humorous.
    My favourite parts were where Urgum couldn’t say “Lounge” properly and where he also confused five with five hundred!
    I would give this book a 5 star rating for its creativeness. It brings memories back of the young age when you didn’t understand things like Urgum.

  4. Urgum the Axe Man is a very different book. If I were to rate it I would give it 7 and I will explain why here.

    Urgum the Axe Man was written like a story but it had chapters in it that didn’t have to be there, as it wouldn’t make a difference if they weren’t there. I think it was a story that had a plot, but not an actual purpose, and the book wasn’t an adventure story, or a fantasy story – it was simply an entertaining story to read.

    Although the book was funny, it wasn’t exciting and it didn’t have any cliff-hangers in it. I wouldn’t have picked it up if I was stuck for something to read, because it isn’t the sort of book I would normally read, but it is good and I would recommend it if you like books that are gruesome, unusual, different and funny. However, don’t expect it to be exciting!

  5. I have finished Urgum the Axeman and I love the book. I like when Ugman falls down the bog (well, hole in the floor). I think that it is a funny story and I would advise my friends to read it. I like the use of adjectives that the author uses. I really like the chant that Urgum and his seven sons sing. The author has a great imagination to write this book!
    Natalie Harvey

  6. urgum the axe man is very good it is my best book so far, but i have not read h.i.v.e. yet or the boy in stripie pyjamas but i supose they will be very good i will be voting for your book so far, unless h.i.v.e. ohe boy in stripie pyjamas is better.

  7. I did not enjoy this book. I think that this book was for a younger reader, because all of the jokes that were in the book I did not find funny. The book was too long and should have been separated into 2 or even 3 different books. I did not like this book and would not choose to read the second book in this series.

  8. I realy liked this book but it is not my favourite. I think it was intended for younger children because of the illustrations.

    I would give this book

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