Abela“Be strong, my Abela.” These are the last words of Abela’s mother in their HIV/Aids stricken African village, where it seems that to live or to die, to be sick or to be healthy, is just a matter of chance. It takes all Abela’s strength to survive her Uncle Thomas’ scheming to get to Europe, but what will be her fate as an illegal immigrant? “I don’t want a sister or brother,” thinks Rosa in England, when her mother tells her that she wants to adopt a child. Could these two girls ever become sisters? Is there room in Rosa’s family for an African orphan haunted by lions? Is there room in their hearts?


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  1. This book is so amazing but a bit of confusion hung in the air for me when the boy came. My favourite part was when she found out her mam, sister and grandma had died it was so funny.

  2. I found that this book had a very slow beginning and its half way through the book until they adopt Abela. So I would say this book is my number 3/4!

  3. Abela is about a girl who lives in Africa and a girl who lives in Sheffield. They end up becoming sisters and love each other dearly. This is a brilliant book that is perfectly formed.
    Eleanor M.

    This is a very emotional story. Abela’s parents and basically all her family have died. I feel very sorry for her but she copes very well and is very brave.

    I think Abela is a really sad and touching story about a girl who loses all her family and has to go to England. I really feel sorry for her because she has lost everyone, but the good thing is that in her new home she is much happier.

    I think the book Abela is a really good book. It is quite a sad book, but I like the nice ending. There’s a girl called Abela who lives in Africa, and there’s a girl called Rosa who lives in England. Abela hasn’t got any family.

  4. Abela is the best book I have ever read and I enjoyed it because the author uses different languange and uses facts to create the story. The saddest part of the story is when Abela finds out that her grandmother is dead. My best part is when she describes her country in school. I was also relieved when she told her the secret and the her worry .I liked Rosa because she trusted her mom and loves skating.

  5. Abela was very touching , she must be really brave! In my opinion if I was her I would be scared. So many things were happening yet she managed to overcome her fears. My favourite part was near the end when she got adopted by Rose’s mum.

    I could see the images flick through my head as if it were a movie. Rosa was different yet she was also similar to Abela’s life – in a way. Again, if I was the poor little child when I heard the news from my mam that I was gonna get a little sister, I too would be shocked like Rose. I hope one day more and more people will have the chance to read this moving story.

  6. An absolutely miracle story. It makes me want to adopt an african girl as a sister. I loved this story but some parts I cried at and now I know how children feel over there.

  7. I really liked this book, it was very moving. I liked the relationship between the two girls and their mothers but I felt that Abela’s uncle was a bit nasty to his mother when he was planning on taking Abela to England. The way it was set out was very nice. I liked the ending a lot.

  8. I thought this book was very good, but I didn’t like the way it was written. I thought it was hard to understand when it kept changing people, sometimes I had to read it twice so that I could understand it.
    On the other hand, I liked how the author was talking about 2 different people’s lives, then by the end, she was talking about them both in the same place, with the same life together.
    I would like to read another book by Berlie Doherty, but I wouldn’t want to read Abela again, because I already know what happens!

  9. This book was so good and it was really happy for Abela ( getting adopted). I thought the way the chapters were set out was a bit weird but i still liked it. I think it was a great book !!!!

  10. I may be not finished but I’m near the end of it and it is reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllyyyyyyyyyyy gooood so far xxxx …….. x

  11. This book was ok but not great! The character Abela was quite sad as well as the book all in all.

  12. This book was soooo good but sad at the same time. It made me want to adopt someone (but I can’t obviously.)

  13. Abela was a remarkable book. I had never heard of illegal immigrants, so I was fascinated to hear about the life of one. I liked hearing about what happened when Abela got to England, and also liked it when the best periods of her life were described. I was interested about adopting a child, and so liked reading Rosa’s entries as well. Abela’s descriptions of Tanzania were amazing.

  14. Abela was a really good book. I have never read such a book. I liked the part where Abela went to school dressed in her African clothes.

  15. Abela was a really good book. I have never read such a realistic book. I liked the part where Abela made her way to school on her own dressed in her big cardigan, Kanga and sandals which were too big for her.

  16. Abela was a very touching book. It grabbed my emotions in lots of different places.
    I was very sad when Abela was found in the bike shed practically dead. 😦
    I liked the layout of the book because it went from Abela to Rosa in the chapters which I thought was quite a nice way to write a book.
    The authors descriptions of Tanzania were fantastic and I imagine Susie looked beautiful but she got a bit stressed at times. I think of Uncle Thomas as not very good looking.

    On the whole I really liked this book. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  17. I loved this story – maybe my choice for the winner. I liked the contrast between the two characters and how, in the end, they were just like two normal sisters. Great happy ending, moving story.

  18. This book was very inspiring, breathtaking, poignant, I could think of loads of words to describe what I thought about this book. My favourite event in the story was when Abela finally became sisters with Rose.

    In my point of view, Abela was a very courageous and smart girl. She could tell that the man with a nice friendly smile, had very hostile eyes and knew something was wrong. If I was her I wouldn’t be able to handle all the problems but she managed. After all the things that happened to her with the lions and her whole family. She is very lucky.

    Rose on the other hand, had problems of not wanting a brother or sister. I don’t really blame her for that, I mean it was all so sudden. She managed well though. I know how she feels when you receive news of having a new relative coming like, when my parents told me I was gonna have a baby sister.

  19. Abela – the life of an unfortunate girl – this book was really good but made you want to cry

    Life turns bad for Abela and her heartbreak hits her like a ton of bricks. Who would have ever thought someone could loose everything but still go on fighting until she gets what she deserves?

    I would recommend this book for all ages.

  20. I liked this book but it was soooooo sad! It made me want to cry! At least it had a happy ending though. I thought that she was so brave to go through with all at her age as well.

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