Ant Colony

Jenny Valentine

Number 33 Georgiana Street houses many people and yet seems home to none. To runaway Sam it is a place to disappear. To Bohemia, it’s just another blip between crises, as her mum ricochets off the latest boyfriend. Old Isobel acts like she owns the place, even though it actually belongs to Steve in the basement, who is always looking to squeeze in yet another tenant. Life there is a kind of ordered chaos. Like ants, they scurry about their business, crossing paths, following their own tracks, no questions asked. But it doesn’t take much to upset the balance. Dig deep enough and you’ll find that everyone has something to hide!


11 thoughts on “Ant Colony

  1. This book was interesting… I liked how each bit was by Sam or Bo but it did get a little confusing at times. But it was still a good book and I loved how everbody had a BIG secret! 🙂

  2. This was a very good story and shows you what can happen to you when you run away, but also the advantages of it. It was VERY suprising at the end how Sam hurt Max which I totally didn’t see coming. This story had a great plot. 5/5

  3. This story tells you about the different life experiences you go through and how they can affect you and your life. I loved this book

  4. The Ant Colony was an interesting book but really not my type of book. I did not really like Bohemia as you get the idea that she is 14ish but actually she is only 10.
    My favourite part was when Sam had to climb up from his flat to Bohemia’s to let her in her flat. My favourite character was Sam because he is trying to get away from his past but no one is letting him and just keep pestering him.
    By Lucy

    ‘The Ant Colony’ is about a rough-end London block of flats and all of the people that live in it. I liked the fact that the story was told from two points of view, one chapter told as Sam’s thoughts and one chapter written as Bohemia’s thoughts because it summarised parts and showed situations from two different perspectives without it making the story confusing.
    The storyline was clever because at the beginning there were lots of random characters, but by the end, they, and their backgrounds, were all weaved together. Also, the book warms you up and lets you wonder and guess at the biggest secret until it is delivered with a blow in the final chapters and leaves you with something that you had never guessed had happened.
    The language used in this book is relatively simple and easy to read, and the story is also easy to understand although it is quite a grown-up plot so I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone under 11, if you want to get the most out of the book.
    The characters were complete contrasts of each other, for example Sam who wants to be alone, and Bohemia who just wants to be loved. They scuttle around, no questions asked, minding their own business, until they are all brought together at the end, like ants in a colony. I like the way the author develops the relationship between the characters in this way.
    I enjoyed reading this book because it showed ways of living that are very different to mine and really opened my eyes to how some less fortunate children live and are brought up.
    By Emma

    The main characters in this book are: Bohemia, who is 10; Sam, who is 17; Cherry (Bohemia’s mum), who is 27; old Isabel and funny-faced Steve; and Max – Sam’s friend. In this story Sam runs away to London. He finds London strange but soon settles down in 33 Georgiana Street. Bohemia has also just moved in with her mum and tries to make herself at home. Steve is the owner of the block and also of a pub. Steve’s mother, Isabel, is old and like you would expect she sticks her nose in everybody’s business and thinks she owns the place. They seem like ordinary people but deep down they all hide a secret. Soon Sam and Bohemia make friends with everyone else and they all act like a big happy family, but before long they have one fight after the other. My favourite part of the book is when Isabel introduces Bohemia to Sam and tells him she want to play. I like this book because it is funny and interesting and keeps its suspense throughout. It is descriptive but comic too. I would recommend this to all because it is a book to remember.
    By Taiba

  5. Loved it, I thought it was a very original book. I liked the secrets.
    but ants bug me. 🙂

  6. This book was extraodinary because it was cool and original. I loved reading this book and couldn’t put it down.

  7. The book was really easy to get into. I like that you get to make a clear judgement on the characters before you know the full story. There was a twist and a good one too! At first I thought it would be boring but it surprised me. I like the plot a lot and how everything worked out in the end.

    This story is quite good. It has some good characters and I like the way it’s been set out. It has a very good ending and I didn’t expect it at all. The way there are two people giving their view and they all meet so the story comes together.

    This book made you want to keep reading and the ending was good. It was quite confusing how it changed from Sam to Bohemia.

    I loved this book, the characters are really interesting. I loved the end.

  8. I thought this book was good but it wasn’t really my type of book. I thought that it got confusing at times. I liked the way it kept changing between the different characters’ point of view.

  9. I hate to start a book review on a negative note, but within a few pages of starting The Ant Colony I began to feel disinterested in the characters and what was happening to them because of the way the author had written those first few pages.
    If I had not had to do a report on this book I would have put it down at that point. How wrong I would have been. Within a few more chapters the book began to improve dramatically when one of the main characters, Bohemia, runs away from home, the flat she is renting with her Mum (Bohemia’s mum likes to be called by her first name Cherry … and would rather be Bohemia’s friend than her mother, and it is obviously a mum that Bohemia needs not a smoking drinking friend).
    The relationship that Bohemia has with her older friend Sam is the really interesting part of the book. Sam had come to lose himself in the city after a tragic car crash, after Sam’s friend Max was badly injured in the crash and Sam’s dog Ringo was killed. Sam felt he could not stay and that he was responsible for the dog’s death and Max’s injuries. Sam thought Max’s injuries were a lot worse than they were.
    One of the interesting ways the story is written is that each chapter is written from a particular person’s point of view. The cast of characters, one on each floor of the apartment building interact throughout the book.
    The title of the book comes from the book that Max had given Sam when he was a boy and which Sam now used to keep all his money in.
    During the story Bohemia decides to run away and takes Sam’s money and the book. It is when Sam realises that the money and the book are gone that he realises Bohemia is not lost as everybody thinks but has run away.
    The ending was very emotional as Bohemia returned the book to Max and it ended in reconciliations all round; a really good read after such a slow start.
    So I rate this book 4 stars
    By Lizzie

  10. I thought that The Ant Colony was a slow book, which did not really hook me. The reasons for why I feel this way are:
    1. At the beginning I wondered why Sam had run away, and that curiosity made me read on, however, I did not find out why until the very end, which I found annoying. I think that the discoveries should be made throughout the book, instead of leaving them all to the end. This made me feel that the ending was slightly rushed.
    2. The plot was very slow. Nothing happened in the beginning or the middle of the book, and if I hadn’t been required to read the book, I would have probably just abandoned it.
    3. Not everything was answered (I don’t think there is a sequel to the book…), and it made me feel sorry for Max. Sam had harmed Max, and the damage that he had caused him would possibly affect him for his whole life – and despite this, Sam was welcomed back with open arms.
    A good thing about the book is that it is realistic, and the plot is believable. It is also written in a good style and is professionally written.
    Overall, I did not like the book but other people may enjoy it, especially people who like realistic books, but I like action and adventure books, and it does not fit into my categories.

  11. I liked how it was clearly split into the two narratives, though I did think both characters needed more emotional development.
    I thought all of the characters were well described, and that the plot was well though-out.
    A little action seemed to be missing, losing a little of my interest.

    A good book, but not really my type of book.

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