The Thirteen Treasures

Michelle Harrison

While visiting her grandmother’s house, an old photograph leads Tanya to an unsolved mystery. Fifty years ago a girl vanished in the woods nearby – a girl Tanya’s grandmother will not speak of. Fabian, the caretaker’s son, is tormented by the girl’s disappearance. His grandfather was the last person to see her alive, and has lived under suspicion ever since. Together, Tanya and Fabian decide to find the truth. But Tanya has her own secret: the ability to see fairies. And, after disturbing an intruder in the night, it emerges that someone else shares her ability …The manor’s sinister history is about to repeat itself …


15 thoughts on “The Thirteen Treasures

  1. The Thirteen Treasures is written by Michelle Harrison. The book is about a girl who can see fairies and about the mischief she gets up to while visiting her Grandmother’s house.
    When I saw the cover of this book, I immediately thought that it would be interesting and a perfect book for me. After reading a few pages I realised this book was more than just interesting, it was detailed and descriptive as well. By the time I reached chapter four I figured that the book really grabbed my attention and that I was right for saying this book would be perfect.
    The good thing about this book is that it uses a lot of metaphors and similes and that it tells the story in a simple but interesting way. When I finished reading the last page of the book I considered myself as a character in the book because it was described so well.

  2. The main characters in the book are: Tanya, who is 13 and can see fairies; Fabian, who is 12 and is the caretaker’s son; Tanya’s grandmother, Florence, and a girl who vanished 50 years ago. In this book Tanya is desperate to get rid of the fairies around her. She tries to tell her mother but her mother starts to think she is mental. Her mother decided to take her to stay with her grandmother, Florence, for a while. Tanya tries to protest but is unsuccessful. Her stay at her grandmother’s house is quite unexpected. Tanya slowly unravels a mystery of a girl who disappeared 50 years ago in the woods nearby. Fabian, who loves mystery and adventure, is tormented by the girl’s secret. They both decide to investigate further to find the truth. Throughout, the story keeps you “on edge” and is full of mystery and magic. My favourite part is when Tanya and Fabian are out in the woods searching for their dog and suddenly realise they are lost; luckily Warwick comes to the rescue. I would recommend this book to adventure seekers and people who like to keep a mystery at their bedside.

  3. The Thirteen Treasures is an excellent book about magic, mystery and more. Tanya and Fabian try to discover the truth behind a girl who disappeared 50 years ago. But Tanya has her own secret – the ability to see fairies. Could this help in their investigation?
    I found this book excellent because it is a little scary, has a bit of fantasy, is well written and includes lot of imaginative ideas. I’d rate this book 10/10 and would love to read other books by the same author.

  4. This book was ok.. I couldn’t get into it easily but it was fine. I liked the description of the fairies and it was very magical.

  5. I loved Thirteen Treasures and it was very thrilling but near the end with Morwenna, it got confusing. I liked it how the fairies got up to mischief a lot like Tinkerbell 😛 and also how Tanya got sick of them and wasn’t like ”Oooh I want a fairy wand and a crown”. 4.5/5

  6. I loved this book; when I first got it I couldn’t let go of it, it was that good. The book was so interesting, it had everything magic, adventure etc. This is the type of book that deserves to win.

  7. I loved the Thirteen Treasures. It was an interesting tale which held you to the end. My favorite character is Florence: at first you think she is mean and ungrateful but underneath she is just trying to protect Tanya.
    All the way through you think that you know the ending but the end is completely unexpected.
    Out of 10 I would give this book 10 because it has everything I like in a book and has an interesting outcome. I loved the Thirteen Treasures so much that I had to buy the sequel-the Thirteen Curses.
    By Lucy

  8. I loved the Thirteen Treasures! When I started reading it I couldn’t put it down it was so good! I liked how Tanya’s grandma was really cold at the beginning but it was only to protect her. I think it was amazing:P

  9. I realy enjoyed this book and would read it again and again!!
    I loved it to be honest. The fact that Tanya’s granny started as a really cold person and then it turned out that it was only to protect her!( so sweet ) 🙂
    The fact that Tanya can see fairies is also really cool because I would kill to see fairies!!!

    Great Book Michelle (Y)

  10. When I first started to read the Thirteen Treasures it started off a bit slow but as it got into the story it started to develop and it got really exciting. I think all of the characters are well developed and you start to relate to them.

    Really Good!

    P.S I even bought the sequel (The Thirteen Curses) to get it signed at the awards.


  11. I loved this book it was so cool when I started I couldn’t put it down. This book was amazing. 🙂

  12. This book was quite interesting but it did get quite confusing and there were too many things going on but altogether the story was quite good.

    The story altogether is very interesting to read about. I mostly like the 2nd part.

    It was sort of confusing but good.

  13. I really enjoyed reading ‘The Thirteen Treasures’ because I thought that it would just be another fairy adventure story (that I’ve read millions of) but it was really different. It is amazingly creative yet still seems real. There were so many mysteries which seemed completely unconnected, but they all linked together in the end.
    I love the ending because it’s a bit sad, but it puts Amos to peace and ends the book really gently. My only criticism is that some of the mysteries were left unexplained, for example Red, her job and its relevance to story were one thing I didn’t quite understand fully. Having said that, I expect that that will be explained properly in the 2nd book, which I am really looking forward to reading. I have a feeling that eventually something might go on between Fabian and Tanya.
    I would recommend this book to anyone over 9 because although the plot is complicated, the language is not and the topics suit a wide age range of readers. I think that younger readers would particularly enjoy the bits about fairies because they are completely different fairies to those that we are brought up knowing about. Having read the blurb, boys might be put off by the fairies but the book is totally suitable for boys as well as girls, even though the main character is a girl.
    I would rate this book 9 out of 10 because there is always room for improvement and I think that things will make more sense when I read the second book.
    By Emma

    The Thirteen Treasures is a captivating book. When I started to read it I became as fascinated as a dog with a bone. All I wanted to do was to sit in a quiet chair and read the entire book from beginning to end.
    The genre of the book is a fantasy fiction and involves supernatural beings such as Goblins, Brownies and the ‘Fey’. Some of them are malevolent whilst others are protective and caring.
    In the first chapter we meet Tanya, a girl in her early teens, who ever since birth has had the ability to see supernatural creatures whether she desires it or not. Tanya has been having trouble with her mother and is sent to live with her grandmother, Florence, in her mansion which Tanya would love except that Fabian, the caretaker’s son, has always been unpleasant to her and the mansion is crawling with fairie-folk.
    Fabian’s grandfather, Amos, was suspected of the murder of a fourteen year old girl, Morgana Bloom, the vicar’s daughter when he was young and whilst he was never found guilty everyone believes that he was the murderer.
    However we find that Morgana did not want to get old and so she asked the Fey if she could live in their realm. Little did she know that once she was in, she could never come out. Amos had begged her not to go because he loved her but she didn’t love him and so she didn’t listen to him. Before Morgana went, she and Florence had vowed in blood that Florence would go too but Florence changed her mind because she wanted to have a normal human life and have children. Morgana agreed but said that Florence must fulfil her promise by giving her child to the fairies on its seventh birthday. Tanya’s mother is born on 29th February, a leap year so she avoids being sent away. Tanya must therefore take the place of her mother. Tanya gets lured into Morgana’s web of deceit and broken promises but with the help of Fabian and his father finally manages to escape the spell.
    I enjoyed this book because it was gripping to the very end and it had several unexpected and surprising twists in the plot which made it a real page turner. I would recommend this book to young adults aged 11 and above and think it would appeal to both girls and boys.
    I would give this book a five star rating.
    StarRating * * * * *
    By Lizzie

  14. Firstly, I must confess I didn’t think I would enjoy this book because it’s about fairies and boys do not read books about fairies. That’s just how it is. But do bear with me. I loved this book. It portrays fairies not as being pink, fluffy creatures that make Cinderella’s dreams come true. It portrays them as being evil, horrible creatures out to cause as much trouble for Tanya (the main character). That is why I loved it. Because it really isn’t gender specific. I wasn’t gripped right from the start, I’ll be honest, but once I got to the action, I couldn’t put it down. Each character has a story of their own, a purpose. At the end you find out so much about all of the characters you didn’t even think were significant and their purpose really does surprise you. Yet it makes sense. Every detail ties in to make one big ending; when you’ve finished, the whole book makes sense. Yet somehow, it still leaves you with questions. It still leaves you wanting more. That is why I loved it. I didn’t think a book about fairies could be so brilliant! I thought it would be a chore rather than a joy to read-but it was so gripping once I had begun to read it. What’s more, it’s the author’s debut novel. So if you want to read a brilliant book, you’ve got the right one.

  15. This is an alright book and the descriptions were very good.
    The actual storyline seemed a bit obvious; more twists or shocks are needed.
    Also, I couldn’t help feeling that though the main character was a girl, the book felt as though it was meant to be read by a boy.

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