Flood and Fang – Marcus Sedgwick

Meet the wonderfully weird Otherhand family and their faithful guardian, Edgar the raven, and discover the dark secrets of Castle Otherhand. Edgar is alarmed when he sees a nasty looking black tail slinking under the castle walls. But his warnings to the inhabitants of the castle go unheeded: Lord Valevine Otherhand is too busy trying to invent the unthinkable and discover the unknowable; his wife, Minty, is too absorbed in her latest obsession – baking; and ten-year-old Cudweed is running riot with his infernal pet monkey. Only Solstice, the black-haired, poetry-writing Otherhand daughter, seems to pay any attention. As the lower storeys of the castle begin mysteriously to flood, and kitchen maids continue to go missing, the family come ever closer to the owner of the black tail…

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14 thoughts on “Flood and Fang – Marcus Sedgwick

  1. Flood and Fang was interesting because it was telling the story from a bird’s point of view which is surprisingly very different to a human’s point of view. But as it wasn’t a book that I would usually read, it didn’t really come across as exciting to me and none of the events made me jump out of my seat. Anyway my favourite character is Solstice because she was loving and kind to Edgar (the raven). I would recommend this book to girls and boys aged 10-12 who like a book with a bit of humour in and a little bit of drama.
    Star rating: ***
    By Jessica

    This book was fantastic!
    In my opinion it was one of the best I have ever read. On the other hand the story dragged on a bit at the start but the plot was well planned with a melodramatic ending which was wonderfully explained.
    The most entertaining character was the lovely, glamorous Solstice. She was extremely stylish and curious. By Mehak

    A fascinating tale of adventure and mystery, a truly enjoyable read. I find it a pleasure to start off reviews like these on a high note and with this book to hand it’s almost impossible to do otherwise! Told in the first person, by a raven of course, I was intrigued to find out more from the very first sentence.
    Every page was like a sudden bump, twist or turn in the curviest of roads, you could never guess what was going to happen. The book in itself was like a crime scene with odd clues here and there; nobody knows what the answer will turn out to be! Although the plot was unsure, that’s what made the book as exciting as it is, it made me feel like I was a character in this unique, adventurous world. Each chapter had me on a hook, pulling me in to turn over to the next page and the next and the next!
    I loved the way that Marcus Sedgwick described the very gothic characters and I loved the way that he wrote the book so that it would paint a vivid picture into your mind! Every night I was almost screaming with anticipation as I couldn’t wait to find out what lay within the next few chapters of the book. No wonder I finished this book in two days straight. As I said before a truly enjoyable read and I recommend this book to anyone who likes a bit of a gruesome, humorous and overall fascinating story!
    I rate this book 8/10
    By Niamh

  2. A good book, quite amusing but aimed at younger children.
    This does not mean that more advanced reader or older reader can’t enjoy it too!

  3. first impressions: very childish looking cover.
    after reading it: good book for what it is, but I personally wouldn’t pick it up off the shelf.

  4. “Flood and Fang” is a funny and entertaining book. Even though it is about vampires, it is very light-hearted and not at all terrifying. The main character is Edgar – a raven who sees himself as the guardian of the castle. It’s interesting to see the world through a raven’s eyes. He loves the vampire family a lot (especially beautiful Solstice), but struggles to show them, as he cannot talk; apart from a few words. When danger comes in the form of disappearing maids, a flooding castle and a terrifying monster, it is up to Edgar to protect the castle. Eventually, he saves the vampires and wins Solstice’s affections. The raven is a great character, as most stories have human heroes and heroines. The plot is well kept together but simple. Overall, “Flood and Fang” is an excellent read.

  5. Flood and Fang is a brilliant book; it’s fun, random and really weird, it’s a little slow at the beginning but when you get into it it’s exciting and random. You will fall in love with the crazy otherhands – Cudweed and Fellah, Solistice and Edgar their trusty guard raven. There’s a monster loose in the house which is flooding itself – what will they do and how can Edgar save them from their undoubted doom…?
    This book is brilliant and I encourage everyone who’s light hearted and likes a good laugh to read it soon!
    By Alice
    I rate this book: ****

    Flood and Fang is a good book though an easy read it is an enjoyable story. Personally I prefer books with more events on each page and I thought maybe the age was a bit high.
    My favourite character was solstice though I liked Edgar a lot, I thought the layout was good but I felt the end was rushed.
    By Libby

  6. I thought Flood and Fang was a really good book. The front cover looked quite gothic but it was actually really funny and I liked it a lot. I thought Edgar was really funny and I liked how it was his diary. Overall it was an amazing book!!

  7. I thought this book was brilliant! I loved it! I loved the mystery in it and I liked how it was from Edgar’s point of view! WOW!!!! =D

  8. I though Flood and Fang was a very entertaining and funny book. My favourite characters are the two evil twins but they could have had a bit of a bigger part. I loved the detail of the illustrations too.

  9. This book is absolutely hilarious! I couldn’t get into it at the beginning but once I did, it was really funny. I especially liked the way that each chapter started with a funny fact about the castle or one of its inhabitants. The plot was not really that good but I still enjoyed the humour.
    I would recommend this to anyone with a good sense of humour. 8/10 for me.

    This book is written from the point of view of a raven called Edgar. It shows the emotions of Edgar and bluntly displays that Edgar has many views and problems not to mention feelings. It is laced with humour and fear. At first it is rather boring as the rather abstract ramblings of a raven are not of vague interest. As the book progresses you are pulled into the plot. Not a book to read if you are an action reader but if you are looking for something more laid back this is for you. I liked how they showed Edgar’s sense of heritage at the end; but the book could still be majorly improved. Not one of my personal favourites, something you can easily put down.

    Meet Edgar the guardian of Otherhand Castle. Join him on his journey with Valvine, Minty, Soltstice and Cudweed. When the maids go missing and the castle begins to flood Edgar needs to solve the mystery. Can he do it?
    Flood and fang is hilarious and a book for all ages. By Pranali

    I found the book Flood and Fang quite enjoyable. I really liked how it was from the crow’s point of view and not from a human’s opinion. I also liked how the crow, called Edgar, was actually cleverer than the humans and they took all the credit for his ideas because he could not carry them out. The members of Castle Otherhand were not understanding towards Edgar, even though he was the one helping them out. It made me sympathize with him and think how much we underestimate animals and that we do not give them recognition. This book was really funny and made serious matters laughable like people being eaten. It kept you guessing what the mysterious black tail was but I think it could have hinted more to make the story more interesting. I also think it should have been written for a younger audience because it was simple to read. The character Solstice was my favourite because she was intelligent, understanding, glamorous and caring. The characters of the story, which lived in Otherhand Castle, were strange and eccentric, but also intriguing. This book was set in an unusual setting. Overall, this was a funny, unusual and thoughtful book although too simple to read.
    By Anusha

    I found that I enjoyed this book a lot more than I thought I would. I thought that the drawings would cancel out any scope for imagination on the scenes when actually it helped me understand the characters and their personalities a lot more. I enjoyed the scenes involving the monster and thought it was a fun filled book full of life and its hilarious characters. The book was interesting and made me laugh, at the same time I was eager to turn the next page to see what would happen.
    I would rate this book: ***
    I think this book would not win the award: it is a good book but not the type of book that would win an award for our age category.

  10. The front cover of Flood and Fang didn’t give me a very good first impression as it didn’t give me any sense of mystery which is what I like in a book. However once I started reading it, I realised you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Flood and Fang has some unexpected twists and turns like a scientist exploding a frog. It also has some detailed description but the illustrations spoilt this as they did not give me the opportunity to form images of the characters in my own mind. I think this book could have been more exciting if the mystery had been revealed later in the book. Overall I would give this book 3 1/2 out of 5.

  11. I didn’t enjoy the book. I thought it was aimed at younger readers. But I may enjoyed a couple of chapters but overall I didn’t really like it. However, I was reading another book of Marcus Sedgwick which I thought was excellent. So he is a good writer!

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