Flyaway – Lucy Christopher

While visiting her father in hospital, thirteen-year-old Isla meets Harry, the first boy to understand her and her love of the outdoors. But Harry is ill, and as his health fails, Isla is determined to help him in the only way she knows how. Together they watch a lone swan struggling to fly on the lake outside Harry’s window. Isla believes that if she can help the damaged swan, somehow she can help Harry. And in doing so, she embarks upon a breathtakingly magical journey of her own.

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11 thoughts on “Flyaway – Lucy Christopher

  1. I love Flyaway! I finished reading it today and nearly cried at the ending. It is such an easy book to read. I loved the main plot about how Isla visits her dad in hospital and falls in love.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this book because it hooked me from the first chapter. My favourite character is Harry because even though he has got a life threatening condition he always has a smile on his face and has a lovely personality. I don’t really like Jack, Isla’s brother, because all he cares about is football and his friends, not about his Dad who has an illness and might not survive. The book is full of surprises and it is one of the best books I have ever read and I would recommend it to all girls aged 10-12.

    Isla thinks life isn’t worth living when her dad is sent to hospital, until she meets Harry, a boy with cancer. When Isla saves the dying swan with Harry can she save her dad? Will Harry survive the bone marrow transplant or will his body reject it? Find out in this amazing book. This book can remind you about what happens to children in this situation. Lucy Christopher has done a fantastic job! By Pranali

  3. I think this book was very good but at first I didn’t expect it to be so good because of the cover. I enjoyed it in the end and if there was a second one I would get it.

  4. One cold morning, 13 year old Isla and her dad are going out to find Whooper swans.Here her father has to go to hospital.Isla’s life is turned upsidedown. She meets an ill boy called Harry, and is determined to help him.She does this in the only way she can think of, teaching a lone swan how to fly.This story is very moving and sad.This fabulous book though sad is amazing.Romance, sadness and more.We loved this book.

  5. I loved it!! I loved how it was realistic and moving. I liked lsla’s point of view. Help the swan: help my dad: help Harry.
    WOW!!! =D

  6. This book was very interesting and it wasn’t as much of a girl book as I thought it would be because it had tragedy. I like the character of Jack because he is sporty and I just plain liked it. Overall 9/10.

  7. I love this book!!!!!!
    It has a great story line!
    With the swans and the love between Isla and Harry! Awww!
    It is not a girly book
    Thanx for making me read it!
    Loved it!!!!!!!!!! XD 😀

  8. This book is quite a slow starter, but it definitely speeds up. In this book there is romance, heartache and dreams, something for everyone. I love the way Lucy Christopher sets this book out! The way the chapters are straight to the point. The way she writes in the first person as if she is Isla and the way she expresses the characters’ emotions.
    Reading this book painted a very vivid picture in my mind and made me feel what Isla felt. The sorrow when her dad was sent to hospital. The guiltiness when she sneaks Harry out of the hospital and the excitement when her granddad finishes the bird model. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and this book definitely surprised me as it’s not my usual type of book, but because I really liked the book I might read more books of this genre.
    The one thing that niggles away at me though is that this book can often be quite repetitive. Like a mild case of déjà vu.
    I recommend this book to anyone who likes a bit of a love story and, well swans.
    I rate this book 6/10 By Niamh

    I found this book very thoughtful and heart-warming. It gripped me from the start and really touched my emotions; the descriptions of the swan were very realistic and I could picture her perfectly. The part I liked the most was when the wings of the swan were finally revealed! This is a lovely book, with a tearful traditional happy ending – my favourite type of book! Anyone who loves to be wrapped up in a story should read this book.
    By Maryn

    Flyaway is an enchanting book; the writer cleverly makes you hang on to every word. My favourite character was Harry because even though he had cancer, he still put on a smile and focused on the good things rather than the bad. When I read this book I got the impression that Harry was relieved he had been told to watch the swan as that meant he could forget about his transplant. I also really liked Isla’s dad because it didn’t matter how much pain he was in he still put on a smile for his daughter. I would recommend this book to anyone, young or old.
    By Libby

    Amazing! There is no other way to describe this book. I found it moving with a lot of atmosphere, and very hard to put down. I hope there is a sequel because there was such a good story-line.
    I could not improve this book even if I tried. I would recommend this to everyone but especially to 8-14 year olds who need to read a bit about family ties. Celia

  9. Fly Away was an emotional, yet gripping story of a girl called IsIa whose dad becomes seriously ill. She thinks that if she helps a swan stuck on a lake that everything will be ok. I felt as though I could picture the characters in my head. Harry, who always had a smile on his face and Isla who tries to cope as well as she can with the problems in her life. The thing that made it an exceptional book is the outstanding description that was on every page. Although this book isn’t the genre I would normally read, I am glad I have read it. 9/10

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