Young Sherlock: Death Cloud – Andrew Lane

Andrew Lane The year is 1868, and Sherlock Holmes is fourteen. His life is that of a perfectly ordinary army officer’s son: boarding school, good manners, a classical education – the backbone of the British Empire. But all that is about to change. With his father suddenly posted to India, and his mother mysteriously ‘unwell’, Sherlock is sent to stay with his eccentric uncle and aunt in their vast house in Hampshire. So begins a summer that leads Sherlock to uncover his first murder, a kidnap, corruption and a brilliantly sinister villain of exquisitely malign intent . . .

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6 thoughts on “Young Sherlock: Death Cloud – Andrew Lane

  1. Death Cloud by Andrew Lane is a exciting magical book full of awe and wonder. I loved this book as the writer has managed to let you dive into the mind of young Sherlock Holmes, which in itself is a difficult task to complete. I loved all the characters apart from perhaps the Baron as he made me think of rats ( and not the ones you have as pets).
    My favourite character is probably Matty, as I think he has an interesting perspective of the world in which he lives. At the beginning of the book I thought I liked the mysterious Amyus Crowe, but having finished it I think he has a dark side to him.
    I hope Death Cloud is the first of many books to come as I hope to find out more about Sherlock’s mysterious sister. I think this book is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone who has a taste for good books.

    By Libby

    When Sherlock is sent to live with his Uncle Sherrinford he expects life to be boring. But when he finds two dead bodies his life is turned around. Sherlock gets a tutor recommended by his brother Mycroft Holmes. His tutor Amyus Crowe takes him on a journey, but not any journey, a mystery solving journey. Will he solve the mystery or just leave it? I would recommend this book to people who love a good mystery. By Pranali

  2. I read the WHOLE book and that was quite difficult for me because I was finding to hard to get into. Maybe it wasn’t my type of book and that is why I didn’t like it but I was so excited to read it at first then I was finding it almost exhausting just to make time for it (which isn’t a good sign) due to the slow start. It didn’t get interesting until the 15th chapter for me, when all the action started, but I am sure anyone else could enjoy this book as it is imaginative and action-packed!

  3. Young Sherlock Holmes is a gripping, and exciting novel that caught my attention from the first chapter. The book draws you in to its mysterious storyline and constantly makes you want to read more. I especially liked the way Aymus Crowe’s personality is described because I got a real feeling that I could actually hear Sherlock’s new tutor talking and imagine the way he would react. I also liked the plot as it was original and I was constantly thinking of new theories about how the next person would die. I was continuously surprised until the very last page.

  4. The young Sherlock Holmes begins with a twist and is an exciting tale when an innocent man is found dead from an unknown disease: what will Sherlock do and can he stop the disease striking again? Once I got into the story it was amazing. I couldn’t figure out who had done it; it was so suspenseful and I think Andrew Lane is a very talented author and I congratulate him on this amazing book. I love this book and I rate it ***** By Alice

    I found the book Young Sherlock Holmes capturing and absolutely amazing! It was very exciting because there was some event happening all the time and these events linked together very well so the story kept going. The book was full of mystery while they were solving the problem. I have read the real Sherlock Holmes and I really liked the links between the books like the fact that Sherlock had his special deductive skills and intelligence even when he was young. It also explained why Sherlock doesn’t usually work with friends and that he had no friends at school. Also, in the adult books Sherlock always uncovers a criminal by telling them their plot, which he had figured out, which makes them admit to their crime and in this book he does the same to the villain but it is a disadvantage. I thought that this was a very good link between books. I liked Sherlock’s character as even though his teacher told him it wasn’t his problem to solve the mystery, he still did and this led him to being a famous detective. The writer built suspense and curiosity up throughout the book by not giving all the information about the plot at once. The book has a really good ending that reveals everything –with a twist! I thought this book was mysterious, exhilarating and overall, brilliant. Anusha

    This book wasn’t really my type: it was a historical mystery. This book is probably the first book I’ve read of this genre. My favourite character is Sherlock because unlike most children of his age he can entertain himself with his vivid imagination. I’m sorry but I didn’t enjoy this book at all, I think it was just not my type, but I would recommend this book because I think people who like historical novels would enjoy it a lot.

    Gripping! The word to describe this book is gripping! It was impossible to put down and so interesting with the way al the clues fitted together so perfectly it was mesmerising. I still cannot get some of the facts out of my head (Virginia is a place in America…) It was just amazing!
    I have to say though that it was a slightly slow start but not too slow. I would suggest this book to any one whether they want a romance or adventure or anything else.
    By Celia

  5. I really wasn’t into Sherlock Holmes when it was on t.v. Well in fact I thought it was about an old people’s home.. but when I read the book I was wrong. I thought it was amusing and it was a great adventure!! I thought it was Brill!

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