The Piper – Danny Weston

He who pays the piper calls the tune.

When Peter and his little sister, Daisy, are evacuated from London to the countryside, they find themselves on an isolated farm in the middle of a treacherous marshland. As Daisy gets drawn deeper into the secrets of their new home, Peter starts to realise that something very sinister is going on. What is that music they can hear at night? And who are the children dancing to it?

The Piper cover

The Piper cover


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29 thoughts on “The Piper – Danny Weston

  1. With World War Two looming on the horizon, Peter and Daisy (brother and sister) are immediately evacuated to a remote farmhouse in the countryside. As soon as they arrive they are aware that something evil haunts the place. They both wonder who plays the eerie music at night and why Daisy is so drawn to it. But soon enough, Peter uncovers a dark family secret which leads his sister into grave danger. To save her he must face an ancient curse.
    This is an excellent, intriguing, gripping story that all horror fans will be talking about for months. I thoroughly enjoyed this thrilling tale as it really kept me hanging on the edge. The unexpected plot twist was horrifyingly brilliant and I was honestly lost for words. From the beginning it hooked me in as it is really well written and has been thought about immensely. Just like the real Pied Piper, it hypnotized me and took me to another place. I recommend this book to all horror/paranormal fans.

  2. I found this book intriguing but it didn’t make me feel scared or uneasy. I was puzzled by the last sentence because this idea of Daisy remaining with Peter doesn’t link with other parts of the book. We’re told that both of them were so affected by their experiences, they become loners.

  3. I’m afraid this book is my least favourite so far. It’s eerie and unnerving and not something I want to read before going to bed! At times I could even imagine I could hear music playing. This is a totally different World War 2 story to the ones I’ve read up to now.

  4. I found this story quite easy to follow until the end, when there was a mystery. I liked the way Peter pieced together the truth about what was going on. It was quite scary but not over the top. I thought it was a good story.

  5. I thought this book was very chilling and I found it hard to put down. The author described Peter so well it was easy to feel like I was Peter doing my best to make sense of what was happening. I liked the last bit with the moving rocking chair because it left me to work out an end for myself. The dolls were really spooky – I’ll never look at dolls the same way again! I thought they were worked into the plot really cleverly and were quite terrifying. I’ll definitely read this book again.

  6. It was a change to have a ghost story set in World War 2. Normally I don’t like books with a wartime setting because they always seem to deal with the same things but this book was quite different and I loved it! I really liked the structure: part now, part in the past. This made it even creepier and more believable, somehow. I’m a bit confused that the Piper took Daisy because I thought curses always knew who to go for and I’d have liked this part to be spun out for longer.

  7. This was a spine chilling story that I simply had to finish. The ending was super chilling. I think the Piper’s curse must have passed to Peter’s family, perhaps through Peter. At the end when the 88 year old Peter was talking to ‘Daisy’ he used the same words that Daisy had used to her doll, Tilly: “Well, you would say that wouldn’t you?”
    Very scary……..

  8. I really enjoyed this book: it was so easy to get into and I loved the way everything unfolded. I LOVE books with mysteries and the Piper exceeded expectations. After I’d read it, I searched Google to find more about St Leonard’s Church. On one website, I was intrigued to discover a picture of the shelves of skulls in the crypt that Danny refers to in his book. I do hope he writes another creepy story like this one. If he does, I assure you that I’ll be first in the queue to buy it!

  9. I thought the Piper was excellent. It was deeply unsettling in the best of ways. I loved the way the plot was revealed by Peter as he relates it to his granddaughter and how, at the very end, Peter has the same conversation with ‘Daisy’ as Daisy had with her doll, Tilly all those years ago. It rounded the story off perfectly but I’ll never look at dolls quite the same way again! Of all the characters, I think Miss Sally – kept a prisoner to save her life – sticks in my mind the most. It was a sad story but very satisfying.

  10. I’ve really enjoyed reading The Piper. It’s the first horror story I’ve read and it really was pretty scary! I decide not to read it at night but I still finished it in 8 days! I thought the story was really cleverly structured and I just loved the ending. I think Peter learned to believe that dolls can talk and maybe it was his way of keeping his memory of his sister Daisy alive. I’m really enjoying this chance to read books for older readers! Thank you!

  11. Helen is visiting her granddad Peter on his birthday and mentions that she’ll be going on a trip to Romney Marsh with school. This worries her granddad so much, he tells her a story that he’s kept to himself all his life, the story of the Piper.
    I think I love this book more than anything I’ve ever read before! Also, it only took me 2½ days! The author painted such brilliant pictures in my head, I just couldn’t stop reading! I really miss this story now it’s come to an end and I’m going to look out for other books by Danny Weston.

  12. The ending of this story left me with such an uneasy feeling – I really didn’t expect the creepy twist at the end. Danny Weston is brilliant at creating atmosphere. When he described the dolls watching Peter, I could really imagine their glass eyes boring into me and I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. This is an awesome read.

  13. I enjoyed this book because the author made me feel I was really there and I liked the suspense that made me want to read on. I didn’t know what was going to happen next. I liked the way the story kept flitting from the present to the past but I didn’t think there was enough explanation at the end. I wanted to know what happened to Daisy.

  14. I thought this story had a very creepy atmosphere and I won’t sleep in the same room as a doll ever again but the end was a disappointment. I felt the last scene was added to confuse our ideas about what happened to Peter and Daisy and this spoilt it for me.

  15. I thought this book was really good but quite hard to get into. It took me a few chapters to begin to understand where the plot was heading and I had to reread some parts because things were happening too quickly for me to take everything in. I found the ending confusing but it really left me thinking – perhaps that’s the idea! I’d really love a sequel, telling us what happened to Peter and Daisy afterwards. After all, Peter says he’s often thought that the curse transferred itself to them, through Daisy because she cheated the Piper…

  16. I thought the Piper was brilliant. I loved the fast pace and excitement of it. I read this book in ONE DAY – I just couldn’t put it down! The mystery of the French prisoners had me well and truly gripped. I quite liked the creepy ending but it left too many loose ends. I would have preferred it to stop with Helen leaving Peter’s room.

  17. Piper is a mysterious book. I still don’t know whether the curse passed onto Peter and that’s annoying.

  18. This book was most enjoyable and definitely kept me interested. I thought the plot was great and the ending suitably mysterious. I don’t think that any of us have sorted out the ending but maybe that’s how the author intended it. I hope we’ll be able to meet him and hear what he was imagining.

  19. Even though I’m not a fan of horror stories, I really enjoyed the Piper. I admired how the author merged the past with the present. It gave the story a good structure and made it flow seamlessly. The character’s personalities were so strong, I felt I knew them all personally. In fact, I felt I was Peter, slowly uncovering the truth and feeling increasingly scared for Daisy.

    Now the ending… I do like cliff-hangers as they make me think but I couldn’t understand what the author was trying to imply in the closing paragraphs. I have a theory though. When Peter crushed Tilly, he cut his hand. Perhaps her spirit entered Peter and he thinks it’s Daisy talking to him so he talks back to her. Perhaps it’s Tilly rocking the chair…. I’ve been thinking about this for quite a few days so this ending has certainly made me remember the story!

    There’s not much else to say, but this is a great story. Every sentence is carefully planned and written and the horror story was really well thought out and not at all confusing. I’d probably recommend this book to 12+ as it was really scary. I’m looking forward to reading another horror story by Danny Weston as it’s hard to find a really scary story as good as this one!

  20. This chilling story affected me so much, I can’t look at dolls the same way anymore! I was interested from the start by every new character. Each one hinted at the horror that was going to unfold. Admittedly, the dolls scared me and so did the prologue but I really enjoyed this book!

  21. The Piper -a book I would strongly recommend reading- is an ultimate thriller from the beginning; with a perfect combination of mystery and horror, it is sure to please a large range of readers. Furthermore, the idea that it links with Operation Pied Piper shows great virtuosity.

    This amazing book was truly engaging and fascinating; the plot was intelligently thought through and extremely interesting. The emotions and events were grasping and as a result of this the book was very entertaining. The writing style was utterly commendable. Despite the fact that Danny Weston isn’t very well known, I still suggest that you should read this book if you love surprises and an intense read.

    A book not for the ones who get easily scared. A thrilling novel for those who love mysteries and secrecy!

    This book was OK, I didn’t find it scary and the characters aren’t the nicest in the world. The front cover gives the wrong impression of the story as you think it will be scary but it is not. I wouldn’t recommend this as I don’t think it is very good.

    This spine-chilling book has an unforgettable plot with a terrifying twist. I loved the fact that what I thought would happen wasn’t actually what happened so it wasn’t boring to read!

  22. I really enjoyed this book. It’s set on the Romney Marshes during World War 2. Peter and Daisy are evacuated from London to avoid the Blitz and end up in a creepy, isolated house. Beware of the dolls. I had to turn mine face down while I was reading this story!

  23. I enjoyed this book a lot. My favourite scenes are the ones with the dancing girls because they’re described really well and I could picture them clearly in my head. I liked how the story went back and forward in time to show how the Piper affected Peter’s life for ever. I also liked little details like only children could hear the pipe.

  24. The Piper is about two children who are evacuated to the marshes at the beginning of World War 2. When Peter discovers the danger his sister is in, he tries to protect her. I enjoyed the way this story is told because it is mysterious and dark.

  25. I thought that the book had a promising storyline and great, detailed ideas. There were a few surprises and scares, but not as many as I was hoping for. The concept of the children being World War 2 evacuees was lacking, and I didn’t think that their backgrounds were described at all, which would have been good to make the readers connect more with the characters. The dolls were a great idea and one that could have been pushed further, and I liked the idea of the second storyline that had a cliffhanger at the end. Overall, the story was ok, and could be developed in detail. I also thought that the solution was found too easily; there was no struggle to find answers which made it less intense and fast paced.

  26. I thought this was a very entertaining book. I thought the plot was quite real so, at some points, I really felt like I could connect and relate to the characters. The only problem I have is that I thought the ending was quite rushed.

  27. I think that this book is good for teenagers because it speaks out to people about what some kids could be feeling like and what mad things can go on at home. I thought that the secret revealed at the end came as a bit shock to the reader!

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