The Goldfish Boy by Lisa Thompson

Twelve-year-old Matthew is trapped in his bedroom by crippling OCD, spending most of his time staring out of his window as the inhabitants of Chestnut Close go about their business. Until the day he is the last person to see his next door neighbour’s toddler, Teddy, before he goes missing. Matthew must turn detective and unravel the mystery of Teddy’s disappearance – with the help of a brilliant cast of supporting characters. Page-turning, heartbreaking, but ultimately life-affirming, this story is perfect for fans of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time and Wonder. It is a book that will make you laugh and cry.

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28 thoughts on “The Goldfish Boy by Lisa Thompson

  1. I found this an amazing story with a great plot. I loved the different traits of the characters and how that linked into the story. At first I didn’t think this was going to be my type of book but once I dived deeper into the book I found it truly great. Thank you for this read.

    I find this story very creative. It was very fun to read and I liked the way that it made me feel happy. This book is amazing I would definitely recommend it. I liked this book because it was adventurous and it felt real, but in a good way.

    I was really moved by the ending of this book where you find out why Matthew has OCD. I liked the way the author developed the different characters and made you get really invested in the story. I think there are things in this book that can reach out to a wide number of people. I really enjoyed this book. Louisa

    Goldfish Boy is an interesting book. This book is a real page-turner about a boy called Mathew who has OCD. Mathew hated germs, getting ill and going outside. But When the toddler next door goes missing he finds himself at the centre of the mystery. As the story continues Mathew has to confront his fears to solve the mystery. Alicia

    I really enjoyed Goldfish Boy because I like mystery books. My favourite character was Mathew because the description was very powerful. He would make notes of what was happening on his street. My favourite part was when Teddy turns up randomly in the garden and Mathew gets a bit of a shock. I also liked the part when Penny and Gordon own up and tell the police that they had taken Teddy because Penny thought Mr Charles wasn’t looking after Teddy properly and they come out of their house with handcuffs on their hands.

    I thought Goldfish Boy was a wonderful book. I didn’t have a favourite part because I loved all of it. I was very surprised to find out who took Teddy; I wouldn’t have thought Penny would have taken him! I found this book very funny, it made me laugh when Matthew was trying to get Nigel off his bed. Evie

  2. Lots of plot twists and never a dull moment. I was never really sure who took Teddy and was very surprised to find out who did! I really enjoyed how the author portrayed the characters. A really gripping story.

  3. This book was really intriguing because it was a detective story to find who kidnapped the little boy. All the scenes were described clearly and you could imagine it as if you were there. Amy

  4. The mystery of this story had me intrigued. I could not guess who had stolen Teddy! Although I found the ending strange and very unpredictable. Harsha

  5. This was a really gripping story because you always wanted to read more to find out who had taken Teddy. Zoe

  6. Loved the plot and the topic of OCD was very interesting and it had a very surprising ending. Jennifer.

  7. The book The Goldfish Boy is a mystery book. Personally, I really enjoyed this action packed book. I really liked how it was written as a diary. This book is about a boy and a toddler who goes missing and it is his job to find the toddler. I would totally recommend this book to a friend.

    A kidnapping sensation which I dearly enjoyed.

    What a strange and wonderful book! Matthew is a young boy who is obsessed with keeping clean and loves to stay indoors due his OCD condition. The story begins when one day Matthew is looking out the window at the neighbours going about their daily lives; shopping, watering their gardens etc. He witnesses what he believes is his neighbour’s grandson being kidnapped. Will Matthew solve this horrific kidnapping before it’s too late?? Who knows? Well I do!! Great detective novel with lots of twists and turns!

  8. I think this a really moving book that explains OCD well and how mental health problems can affect a person’s life and those around them. This book gets a 10/10 from me, it’s the best book I’ve read

  9. I thoroughly enjoyed the book Goldfish Boy. The book kept me hooked, wanting to know what was going to happen next. I really liked the character of Mathew’s dad, I thought that his two sided ego worked really well with, kind at times but cruel and strict when necessary. Overall this book is on my list of favorites.

  10. Goldfish Boy has a brilliant plot and all the characters are fascinating to watch through Matthew’s eyes. My favourite character is Melody Bird because she is fun and plays a big part in helping Matthew find the missing boy toddler. Goldfish Boy is a clever mystery and I’d recommend it to Murder Most Unladylike lovers and anyone who likes a crime to solve.

  11. This must be one of my most memorable books! It had me pulled in from the start. The simple story line was decorated with lots of detail which helped the reader empathize with and believe in Matthew Corbin, the main character. This book helped me understand O.C.D, which I feel is very important in today’s world.

  12. Goldfish Boy was a good book with a great plot. I thought, however, that the end was a bit rushed and the mystery was solved too quickly. I liked the mystery to it – I would never have guessed the culprit but it all made sense in the end. Overall I thought it was a good read.

  13. This was a very detailed book with interesting characters which showed how crippling it can be to have OCD and how hard it is for the people around you. I liked the mystery and I particularly liked Melody. I really enjoyed trying to solve the crime before Matthew and Melody and I thought the ending was perfect.

  14. I found that Goldfish Boy was a very detailed and realistic book, full of characters that I could empathize with because they were so realistic. However, I felt that the ending was rushed and the mystery ended too quickly. Also, although this book could be categorised as a mystery, I found the life of Matthew, his friends and family far more interesting. I would have quite liked to have had more of a build up to Matthew telling his parents that he blamed himself for his brother’s death as this was another thing that was rushed and anticlimactic. Overall, Goldfish Boy is a nice, easy read that everyone can enjoy!

  15. This book is very memorable with a fantastic plot. This was more of a mystery in your head than an action-packed novel. I liked Melody because of her easy going nature, her patience with Matthew and her ability to achieve what she wanted. Overall I really enjoyed this book and I would like another by Lisa Thompson.

  16. This is one of my favourite books. It was one of the best mysteries I have read in a long time because it was completely unpredictable!

  17. This is my favourite book so far! It had me wanting to keep reading because I really wanted to find out how Matthew’s brother died. I loved that he had OCD because in most books, the characters are just ordinary, healthy people. Melody Bird was my favourite character because she has a big role, is fun and persists with Matthew, even when he turns her away. She has a big personality and is more complicated than she seems! Overall Goldfish Boy was a brilliant book and I’d recommend it to anyone.

  18. I love this book! I was suspicious of everyone; I didn’t know who it was! I liked all the mysteries in this story: how Matthew ‘killed’ his brother, why Melody spends so much time in the graveyard, why the old lady turned off her lamp and whether the toddler was kidnapped or just wandered off. Every time these things came up, I started wondering again. This is definitely my favourite NEBA book.

  19. This is certainly a unique book. The characters are fascinating. Most of the book is set in Matthew’s bedroom and he is like a goldfish staring out of his bedroom window (bowl) all the time. The OCD is very important to the plot and I would have liked to know more about it.

  20. I found this book very different from what I have read so far because the story is told through Matthew’s eyes as he monitors the world through his window. I really enjoyed the mystery contained within the story. In some places the story was quite emotional. I could not put this book down! I would not have chosen to read this book if I hadn’t had to for the NEBA challenge and I was really surprised at how great it was!. It was very well written and I really enjoyed it.

  21. I extremely enjoyed this book, both in the way it was written and the plot! I learnt a lot as I’ve never really thought about OCD before and while learning, I got inside the character. I loved the originality of the characters and each one acted differently which made it difficult for me to suspect anyone! As in all the best mysteries, we were sent off on false trails, which was rather frustrating but made me keep reading! Overall, I think Lisa Thompson has written a captivating novel.

  22. This book was a pleasant read: a mystery tied in with a deep family secret. Multiple suspects: a managing friend, a work obsessed mother, a missing toddler, a grandfather who doesn’t relate well to young children, a bullying PE teacher…. what’s not to like? The only thing I didn’t like was that I felt cheated chasing false clues and there weren’t many real clues leading to the culprit, but all in all I did enjoy it.

  23. I thought this was an amazing book. It explains what is happening through Matthew’s eyes as he and his friend, Melody Bird, try to find the missing toddler while at the same time tackling his OCD. I liked the way the author threw in false clues, although I would have like to have solved it myself but, apart from that, I loved it!

  24. I liked this book because it helped me understand OCD and its effects on people. I think Melody was an interesting character as she seemed weirder than everyone else, especially her love of graveyards. Overall, I think Matthew Corbin was a great character and this was a great book.

  25. Goldfish Boy is a good book and I liked the flash backs about how much Mathew blames himself for Calum’s death and why he cleans so much. The part of the book when the mystery occurs is really good because it gives the reader enough time to try and figure out who kidnapped Teddy Dawson. The bad thing is that it’s quite easy to figure this out because of their actions! The author describes the characters amazingly, especially the bully, Jake. I love how he uses descriptions like ‘red, scaly eczema’ because it really gives you a picture in your head of how Jake looked. I like the ending in which Mathew finally decides to tell his parents why he cleans all the time and knows that he is going to get better.

  26. I liked how the author based this story on a real illness. Casey was a mean girl and I suspected her! My favourite part of the story was the end when Matthew gazed at his neighbours and said to himself that this was his world and I knew that he would get better.

  27. I really enjoyed this book and thought it would be my favourite until I read the other books but I did think it had a great storyline and a great mystery.

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