Six Days – Philip Webb

For Cass and Wilbur, the life of a Scav is all they have ever known – ransacking what’s left of London
for a lost relic that no one, not even their new masters, has ever seen.
But when two strangers from another time arrive, scavving will never be the same again.
Buried beneath the rubble is something waiting to be found – with the power to begin and end life
on Earth.
They have six days to find it.

My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece – Annabel Pitcher

Ten-year-old Jamie hasn’t cried since it happened. He knows he should have – Jasmine cried, Mum
cried, Dad still cries. Roger didn’t, but then he is just a cat and didn’t know Rose that well, really.
Everyone kept saying it would get better with time, but that’s just one of those lies that grown-ups
tell in awkward situations. Five years on, it’s worse than ever: dad drinks, Mum’s gone and Jamie’s
left with questions that he must answer for himself.
This is his story, an unflinchingly real yet heart-warming account of a young boy’s struggle to make
sense of the loss that tore his family apart.

Too Much Trouble – Tom Avery

“Get out, Emmanuel!” growled my uncle. “Take your brother and go.” But where can two
boys go when they’re on their own, on the run, with little money or food? All 12-year-old
Emmanuel knows is that he has to look after Prince. They were his father’s last words to
him. On the train to London, Em and Prince have no idea where they will end up – but
then they meet the mysterious Mr Green and his “friends”. And that’s when things start
to spin out of control…

Ministry of Pandemonium – Chris Westwood

When Ben Harvester meets the mysterious Mr October in Highgate Cemetery, nothing could have
prepared him for the strange and dramatic turn his life is about to take.
Soon Mr October is leading him towards his true calling – his work at the Ministry of Pandemonium,
helping to guide the dead to the afterlife.
But Ben quickly discovers that there are terrifying forces keen to thwart the work of the Ministry
and lead the newly-dead astray. And when Ben’s mum suddenly becomes seriously ill, he questions
whether he can continue with the important job he has been given.

Run Rabbit Run – Barbara Mitchelhill

When Lizzie’s dad refuses to fight in the Second World War, the police come looking to arrest him.
Desperate to stay together, Lizzie and her brother Freddie go on the run with him, hiding from the
police in idyllic Whiteway. But when their past catches up with them, they’re forced to leave and
it becomes more and more difficult to stay together as a family. Will they be able to? And will they
ever find a place, like Whiteway, where they will be safe again?